Concept art for the derelict Lower London area

Hi #scifi fans! I have a little peek behind the scenes for you today. This is an early concept I did for one of the many locations in Terminal Dark. Those of you who've already read the graphic novel will probably recognize that this is Lower London; a derelict borough, now populated only by criminal elements and the homeless. Though the look of Lower London has since evolved as the script was refined, I still think this captures the essence of the mood and atmosphere I wanted to convey. From the muted color palette, featuring hints of toxic green, to the rusting industrial architecture shrouded in thick smog, I hope it presents a suitably stark contrast to the luxurious penthouses of Westminster - But that's a subject for another blog post! Thank you for your time! Stay tuned for more artwork coming soon - And If you like this, be sure to check out the graphic novel, now available on Amazon kindle. Health and happiness to you!

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