Chico Comics Page Review: Terminal Dark

What’s it all about?
Welcome to the year 2093 and the Biosphere Corporation has already been implanting wi-fi technology straight into the human brain since 2031, rendering users able to connect to the web and download information in an alarming concept that strays not too far from the realms of believability. The technology has now advanced to the point where all citizens’ thoughts can be monitored by the government under the thin guise of quelling crime. Downloads are monitored round the clock but malware has also advanced and can now corrupt the carrier’s brain as well as present pop-up hell. In short, a virus can mean that people can be controlled by remote, opening up the possibilities for the criminals and political agitators alike.

Sci-fi, horror or both?
Without giving too much away, one of the beautiful things about Fraser’s graphic novel is that the claustrophobia and fear seeping from its every pore are so utterly real, regardless of being set in the near future. The metaphor of a world where technology and its greedy corporate peddlers has spiralled out of control, has not been lost and the characters’ concerns could well be lifted straight from a chat-room thread on net neutrality. The dialogue is dynamic and effective from the outset and Fraser presses the reader into an unnerving corner from where we witness the unsettling events develop. And it is like being in the corner of a darkroom where the facts twist into focus upon photographs, before our eyes; each picture adding another layer to the already thick plot. The precision that has gone into the brooding build up really is something to behold.

Final thoughts?
This is a rare beast indeed; a book with outstanding, dark, brooding artwork as well as layered, intelligent writing. Intelligent is the key word here. The whole package is well thought out and is wholly mindful of the experience for the reader – something that solo writer/artist productions don’t always get right, where they often fall into the self-indulgent category. So, for something highly original that crosses genres, and a book that is serious about setting the bar high, look no further than Terminal Dark.

Skully’s Corner: Why buy this book? On a dark winter’s night, I love nothing more than cuddling up with a something dark. Normally, I’d go for a good single malt, but I’d be willing to forgo the nip for a hour with this brooding little number. Perfect for the dark nights!

Review written by Arun S.


Sincere thanks to the Chico Comics Page for taking the time to review Terminal Dark.


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