About the author

Dave started life as a blob of genetic material, fired toward earth by a gentle, well-intentioned alien race. Had he splattered all over the Library of Congress, as intended, he would have absorbed all human knowledge, and grown into a humanoid life-form dedicated to rescuing mankind from our self-destructive ways.
Instead, solar winds knocked the blob off-course, causing it to crash through the roof of a comic shop, where it absorbed all useless trivia, and evolved into a life-form dedicated to drawing killer robots, and cool stuff blowing up.


Realizing his bills weren't going to pay themselves, Dave worked as a film and TV editor in London, England, where he also gained experience in directing. After several years of this, in 2011, he moved to Montreal, Canada. The change in diet combined with environmental factors caused his body to stick to the ceiling and a hard shell to form over it. He had entered...the 'pupal stage'. When the shell cracked, he emerged as an illustrator / concept artist. Terminal Dark is his first graphic novel, and he hopes you enjoy it. He also thanks you if you buy it, as he lost his security deposit when he messed up the ceiling.


Oh, and the aliens gave him a message to pass on to all humanity. If he remembers what it was, he'll post it in his blog...

★★★★★ "both plausible and chilling. Highly recommended"

★★★★★ "Fans of Bladerunner, Minority Report and V for Vendetta should get a real kick out of this"

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